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InteliView's dynamic signage platform is the gateway into the digital marketing frontier.
What separates InteliView from the rest of the industry is we give YOU the ability to be in control.  InteliView has created a system for advertisers and venues that will revolutionize the way they employ marketing. InteliView provides Digital Out Of Home systems and services that finally give consumers a new perception of advertising. 

We provide the creative content and offer an array of strategic plans for any venue digital marketing campaign. For a venue with high traffic, we offer the ability to use our system to provide valueable information to the venue's captive audience.
What is InteliView's Digital Signage Makeup?
               *Commercial grade High Definition Monitors
               *Dynamic digital media subscriber unit

               *Highly secure, extensive network

               *Remotely monitored scheduling and content
Once the network is implemented, eye catching content is cast in front of your captive audience. InteliView Digital Signage is packaged with the best quality support and partners in the industry. This technology is rapidly gaining popularity over traditional methods of marketing due to its ability to incorporate video, audio, animations and build brand awareness with subtle changes via venue/advertisers preference. 

InteliView Digital Signage offer venue benefits such as:
            *enhance consumer experience
            *influence consumer awareness
            *full motion ads have more impact

            *community businesses working together
InteliView provides it all, a complete narrowcast network. A broadcast network transmits multiple channels and signals to various compatible devices tuned to recieve those frequencies. Unlike broadcast networks, a narrow cast network deploys targeted video content to a specific monitor or network of monitors allowing the venue to interact with their customer base.

What does this mean for Venues? It means the ability to create an in-store loyalty with your customers by a digitally enhanced visit. The ability to communicate with customers on a constant basis without ever having to say a word. And not to mention revenue opportunities. If you think you have a location that may qualify as a venue, contact InteliView and let us show you how to increase sales and customer experience without spending a dime of your money. A GREAT GREEN VENTURE awaits!  

Examples of venues:
  • Banks and bank branches
  • Churches and places of worship
  • Convenience and grocery stores
  • Health clubs and gyms
  • Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Internal Communication
  • Pet store and Veterinarian's' office
  • Public government facilities
  • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs
  • Retail stores and malls
  • School and university campuses
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Don't see your business listed?
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