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InteliView offers a dynamic digital signage platform as the gateway into this GREEN movement.
  What separates InteliView from the rest of the industry is we give YOU the ability to be in control.  InteliView has created a system for advertisers and host locations that will revolutionize the way they employ marketing.  InteliView provides Digital Out Of Home systems and services that finally give consumers a new perception of advertising. 

  We provide the creative content and offer an array of strategic plans for any advertisers digital marketing campaign. For locations that have high traffic, we offer a revenue stream with the ability to use our system to provide valueable information to the locations captive audience.
What is InteliView's Digital Signage Makeup?
               *Commercial grade High Definition Monitors
               *Dynamic digital media subscriber unit

               *Highly secure, extensive network

               *Remotely monitored scheduling and content

 Once the network is implemented, eye catching content is cast in front of your target audience while they are in a ready to act mindset. InteliView Digital Signage is packaged with the best quality support and partners in the industry. This technology is rapidly gaining popularity over traditional methods due to its ability to incorporate video, audio, animations and build brand awareness with subtle changes via advertisers preference. 

InteliView Digital Signage offers benefits such as:
            *life pattern marketing
            *enhance consumer experience
            *influence consumer behavior
            *exhibit a much higher ROI
            *full motion ads that have more impact
            *viewers cannot skip ads
            *more flexible ads
            *lower Cost Per Thousand
  InteliView provides it all, a complete narrowcast network. A broadcast network transmits multiple channels and signals to various compatible devices tuned to recieve those frequencies. Unlike broadcast networks, a narrow cast network deploys targeted video content to a specific display or network of displays allowing the advertiser to sync with their respective audience.  And by coupling that with a lifestyle, we bring you a LPM (life pattern model).

  InteliView's Intelligent Digital Solutions will put you in front of target markets in the decision mindset. Seize the opportunity and partner with InteliView in your marketing efforts through this new and exciting frontier.
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