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InteliView's Intelligent Digital Solution is the corridor that enables smart businesses to position for posterity and create an eco-friendly nexus with their target markets.

  InteliView was created in 2007 in eastern North Carolina by a few entrepreneurial people with very unique backgrounds within the public service, utilities, and communications industries as VP's and managers of large corporations as well as business owners themselves.  With over 95 years of combined experience attaining the ultimate goal, customer satisfaction.
  After witnessing the pitfalls and expensive marketing experiences first hand, we knew it was time to look into the future for answers. InteliView believes in Unity in Diversity. The marketing industry is changing rapidly and it is demanding higher ad spend to keep your business from being forgotten. InteliView strives to be a cost effective, creative, efficient, entertaining, flexible, rewarding partner and pioneer in todays marketing age for advertising businesses and host venues alike.
  We recognize that  more and more people are spending less time in the home and tend to be on the go, and the advertisers reach is being tremendously constricted. 
Consumers are tuning out TV advertisers with TiVO or DVRs and the on the fly, in the car, audience is becoming hypnotized with satellite radio and MP3 players.  With the increase of personal preference and consumer electronics that allow this, your traditional reach is diminishing. 
  We, as a society, are in the service and information age. Service and information are two things Inteliview does well, and we achieve this electronically to render the results your business deserves and remain environmentally conscience. Markets are changing rapidly on a global scale. When this happens, gaps tend to open up in these markets, and it is up to you to fill these gaps. Our industry is growing exponentially over traditional advertising medias and offer a more flexible cutting edge approach.  InteliView has the solution! 
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